Early-onset autoimmune disease due to a heterozygous loss-of-function mutation in TNFAIP3 (A20)

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  2. Dr Christopher Duncan
  3. Angela Grainger
  4. Andrew Skelton
  5. Raf Hussain
  6. Dr Joe Willet
  7. Dr David Swan
  8. Dr Jonathan Coxhead
  9. Dr Matthew Thomas
  10. Dr Mary Slatter
  11. Professor Andrew Cant
  12. Dr Karin Engelhardt
  13. Professor Sophie Hambleton
Author(s)Duncan CJA, Dinnigan E, Theobald R, Grainger A, Skelton AJ, Hussain R, Willet JDP, Swan DJ, Coxhead J, Thomas MF, Thomas J, Zamvar V, Slatter MA, Cant AJ, Engelhardt KR, Hambleton S
Publication type Article
JournalAnnals of the Rheumatic Diseases
PagesEpub ahead of print
ISSN (print)0003-4967
ISSN (electronic)1468-2060
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PublisherBMJ Group
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