Protein for Life: Towards a focussed dietary framework for healthy ageing

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  2. Professor Emma Stevenson
  3. Dr Anthony Watson
Author(s)Stevenson EJ, Watson AW, Brunstrom JM, Corfe BM, Green MA, Johnstone AM, Williams EA
Publication type Article
JournalNutrition Bulletin
ISSN (print)1471-9827
ISSN (electronic)1467-3010
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‘Ageing well’ has been highlighted as an important research area by the World Health Organization. In the UK, healthy ageing has been identified as a priority research area by multiple Research Councils and is a key NHS priority. Sarcopaenia, the decline of muscle mass/strength and a key component of healthy ageing, can have a major impact on quality of life and is associated with premature mortality. Increasing protein intake at all stages of the life course may help to reduce the rate of muscle decline and the onset of associated health conditions. However, there is a lack of understanding of the social, demographic and psychological drivers of food choices surrounding protein intake. This report describes the multidisciplinary approach that has been adopted by the Protein for Life project to create a framework for the development of palatable, cost-effective higher-protein foods suitable for an ageing population.
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