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Dr Christopher Carey
Dr Rachel Crossland
Dr Christopher Bacon
Dr Vikki Rand
Molecular Classification of MYC-Driven B-Cell Lymphomas by Targeted Gene Expression Profiling of Fixed Biopsy Specimens2015
Dr Mark Wade
Dr Nicola Sunter
Dr Sarah Fordham
Anna Long
Dino Masic
et al.
c-MYC is a radiosensitive locus in human breast cells2014
Dr Britta Vormoor
Henrike Knizia
Michael Batey
Dr Petra Dildey
Abhishek Sharma
et al.
Development of a Preclinical Orthotopic Xenograft Model of Ewing Sarcoma and Other Human Malignant Bone Disease Using Advanced In Vivo Imaging2014
Dr Xiao Wang
Dr Christopher Bacon
Alison Long
Sarah Pagan
Professor Matthew Collin
et al.
Factor XIIIa identifies macrophages and cells of mesenchymal origin in the human skin2014
Dr Christopher Bacon
Gamma Heavy Chain Disease Lacks the MYD88 L265p Mutation Associated with Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma2014
Dr Christopher Bacon
Gamma Heavy Chain Disease Lacks the MYD88 L265P Mutation Associated with Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma2014
Dr Lisa Turnbull
Dr David Bourn
Dr Christopher Bacon
Dr Michael Wright
Dr Mario Abinun
et al.
Phenotypic Variations of Cartilage Hair Hypoplasia: Granulomatous Skin Inflammation and Severe T Cell Immunodeficiency as Initial Clinical Presentation in Otherwise Well Child with Short Stature2014
Dr Rachel Dickinson
Paul Milne
Dr Laura Jardine
Dr Naomi McGovern
Dr Sharon Cookson
et al.
The evolution of cellular deficiency in GATA2 mutation2014
Dr Christopher Bacon
Sarah Wilkinson
Dr Gavin Spickett
Dr Helen Lucraft
Professor Graham Jackson
et al.
Epstein-Barr virus-independent diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in DNA ligase 4 deficiency2013
Dr Maria Lastowska
Hani Al-Afghani
Haya AL-Balool
Dr Jonathan Coxhead
et al.
Identification of a neuronal transcription factor network involved in medulloblastoma development2013