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Dr Britta Vormoor
Henrike Knizia
Michael Batey
Dr Ian Wilson
Dr Petra Dildey
et al.
Development of a Preclinical Orthotopic Xenograft Model of Ewing Sarcoma and Other Human Malignant Bone Disease Using Advanced In Vivo Imaging2014
Dr Maria Lastowska
Hani Al-Afghani
Haya AL-Balool
Dr Jonathan Coxhead
et al.
Identification of a neuronal transcription factor network involved in medulloblastoma development2013
Dr Simon Bomken
Dr Lars Buechler
Dr Klaus Rehe
Dr Frida Ponthan
Dr Alex Elder
et al.
Lentiviral marking of patient-derived acute lymphoblastic leukaemic cells allows in vivo tracking of disease progression2013
Dr Christopher Bacon
Gamma Heavy-chain Disease: Defining the Spectrum of Associated Lymphoproliferative Disorders Through Analysis of 13 Cases2012
Dr Lisa Strain
Dr David Bourn
Dr Michael Wright
Dr Christopher Bacon
Dr Mario Abinun
et al.
Granulomatous inflammation at presentation of severe T cell immunodeficiency due to RMRP mutation (cartilage-hair hypoplasis)2012
Sarah Wilkinson
Amy Bradburn
Professor Simon Bailey
Dr Christopher Bacon
Dr Vikki Rand
et al.
High-resolution genome-wide analysis of endemic Burkitt Lymphoma using DNA extracted from fine-needle aspirates preserved at ambient temperature2012
Dr Sophie Hambleton
Dr Venetia Bigley
Dr Muz Haniffa
Dr Christopher Bacon
Professor Andrew Cant
et al.
IRF8 Mutations and Human Dendritic-Cell Immunodeficiency2011
Dr Christopher Bacon
BIOMED-2 PCR assays for IGK gene rearrangements are essential for B-cell clonality analysis in follicular lymphoma2011
Dr Christopher Bacon
Cyclin D1 positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is a post-germinal center-type lymphoma without alterations in the CCND1 gene locus2011
Dr Christopher Bacon
Cytogenetically complex SEC31A-ALK fusions are recurrent in ALK-positive large B-cell lymphomas2011