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Dr Albert Lim
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Dr Anna Basu
Progressive weakness, ptosis and pseudomyopathic face as the presenting features in a patient with narcolepsy.2017
Dr Brendan Payne
Dr Thomas Chadwick
Professor Andrew Blamire
Jessica Qian
Dr Ann Marie Hynes
et al.
Neurocognitive and neurometabolic effects of switch from efavirenz to ritonavir-boosted lopinavir2016
Dr Vincent van Hees
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Dr Sarah Charman
Professor Mike Catt
Professor Michael Trenell
et al.
A Novel, Open Access Method to Assess Sleep Duration Using a Wrist-Worn Accelerometer2015
Dr Kirstie Anderson
An update in sleep neurology: the latest bedtime stories2015
Dr Greg Elder
Dr Sean Colloby
Debbie Lett
Professor John O'Brien
Dr Kirstie Anderson
et al.
Depressive symptoms are associated with daytime sleepiness and subjective sleep quality in dementia with Lewy bodies2015
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Professor Mike Catt
Dr Joanna Collerton
Dr Karen Davies
Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
et al.
Assessment of sleep and circadian rhythm disorders in the very old: the Newcastle 85+ Cohort Study2014
Andy Bradley
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Dr Stuart Watson
Dr Peter Gallagher
Dr Hamish McAllister-Williams
et al.
Cortisol awakening response and spatial working memory in man: a U-shaped relationship2014
Dr Ben Prudon
Dr Gordon Duncan
Dr Tien Kheng Khoo
Dr Alison Yarnall
Professor David Burn
et al.
Primary sleep disorder prevalence in patients with newly diagnosed Parkinson's Disease2014
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Dr John Allen
Novel assessment of microvascular changes in idiopathic restless legs syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease)2013
Dr John Yarham
Charlotte Alston
Kate Craig
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Professor Doug Turnbull
et al.
Pathogenic Mitochondrial tRNA Point Mutations: Nine Novel Mutations Affirm Their Importance as a Cause of Mitochondrial Disease2013