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Professor Luke Vale
A core outcome set for localised prostate cancer effectiveness trials2017
Professor Luke Vale
Choosing the target difference ('effect size') for a randomised controlled trial - DELTA2 guidance protocol2017
Dr Joy Allen
Rachel O'Leary
Dr David Price
Professor John Simpson
Professor Luke Vale
et al.
Clinical performance and economic evaluations of the Alere™ i Influenza A&B near patient test using throat swabs: a cohort diagnostic accuracy study and cost analysis2017
Sarah Hill
Professor Luke Vale
Professor David Hunter
Dr Emily Henderson
Dr Yemi Oluboyede
et al.
Economic evaluations of alcohol prevention interventions: Is the evidence sufficient? A review of methodological challenges2017
Dr Ruth Bell
Dr Svetlana Glinyanaya
Dr Zelda Van Der Waal
Dr Andrew Close
Eoin Moloney
et al.
Evaluation of a complex healthcare intervention to increase smoking cessation in pregnant women: interrupted time series analysis with economic evaluation2017
Professor Helen Rodgers
Dr Lisa Shaw
Dr Helen Bosomworth
Lydia Aird
Dr Natasha Alvarado
et al.
Robot Assisted Training for the Upper Limb after Stroke (RATULS): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial2017
Dr Hayley Alderson
Dr Ruth McGovern
Dr Rebecca Brown
Denise Howel
Dr Frauke Becker
et al.
Supporting Looked After Children and Care Leavers In Decreasing Drugs, and alcohol (SOLID): Protocol for a pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial of interventions to decrease risky substance use (drugs and alcohol) and improve mental health of Looked After Children and Care Leavers aged 12 -20 years2017
Dr Niina Kolehmainen
Dr Sara McCafferty
Dr Gregory Maniatopoulos
Professor Ann Le Couteur
Professor Luke Vale
et al.
What constitutes successful commissioning of transition from children’s to adults’ services for young people with long-term conditions and what are the challenges? An interview study2017
Professor Vinidh Paleri
Dr Joanne Patterson
Dr Deborah Stocken
Mike Cole
Professor Luke Vale
et al.
A feasibility study incorporating a pilot randomised controlled trial of oral feeding plus pre-treatment gastrostomy tube versus oral feeding plus as-needed nasogastric tube feeding in patients undergoing chemoradiation for head and neck cancer (TUBE trial): study protocol2016
Professor Andrew Fisher
Dr Anders Andreasson
Alexandros Chrysos
Dr Joanne Lally
Valentina Mamasoula
et al.
An observational study of Donor Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion in UK Lung Transplantation : DEVELOP-UK2016