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Dr Kathryn Parkinson
Dr Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Angela Phillipson
Paul Hindmarch
Professor Eileen Kaner
et al.
Prevalence of alcohol related attendance at an inner city emergency department and its impact: a dual prospective and retrospective cohort study2016
Jenni Hislop
Dr Helen Mason
Dr Jeremy Parr
Professor Luke Vale
Professor Allan Colver
et al.
Views of young people with chronic conditions on transition from paediatric to adult health services: a Q-methodology study2016
Dr Joanne Neely
Professor Ann Le Couteur
Vicky Ryan
Professor Luke Vale
Dr Ruth McGovern
et al.
A feasibility study of a Family Focused Treatment for Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder - the FAB study2015
Paul Hilton
Catherine Brennand
Denise Howel
Dr Jing Shen
Andrew Bryant
et al.
A mixed methods study to assess the feasibility of a randomized controlled trial of invasive urodynamic testing versus clinical assessment and non-invasive tests prior to surgery for stress urinary incontinence in women: the INVESTIGATE-I study2015
Dr Zafer Tandogdu
Professor Luke Vale
A systematic review of economic evaluations of the use of robotic assisted laparoscopy in surgery compared with open or laparoscopic surgery2015
Catherine McParlin
Dr Amy O'Donnell
Professor Stephen Robson
Fiona Beyer
Eoin Moloney
et al.
A systematic review of the clinical-effectiveness of interventions for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy2015
Jenni Hislop
Dr Mark Shirley
Charlotte Fraser
Professor Stephen Rushton
Professor Luke Vale
et al.
Ablative therapy for people with localised prostate cancer: a systematic review and economic evaluation2015
Dr Marilyn Clarke
Dr Vanessa Hogan
Dr Deborah Buck
Dr Jing Shen
Christine Powell
et al.
An external pilot study to test the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial comparing eye muscle surgery against active monitoring for childhood intermittent exotropia [X(T)]2015
Greta Pells
Professor David Jones
Professor Luke Vale
Cost-effectiveness of current therapies in primary biliary cirrhosis: a systematic review of economic evidence2015
Dr Justin Durham
Professor James Steele CBE
Dr Matthew Breckons
Dr William Story
Professor Luke Vale
et al.
DEEP Study: does EQ-5D-5L measure the impacts of persistent oro-facial pain?2015