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Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Jennifer Munkley
Metronidazole Toxicity in Cockayne Syndrome: A Case Series2015
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Simon Zwolinksi
Dr Laura Yates
Dr Sally Lynch
Microdeletion 1p35.2: A recognizable facial phenotype with developmental delay2015
Dr Miranda Patterson
Dr Ian Forrest
Becci Sharrock
Maria Lane
Dr Angelika Kaufmann
et al.
Assessing the function of homologous recombination DNA repair in malignant pleural effusion (MPE) samples2014
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Paul Brennan
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis, mitral valve proplapse and a familial variant involving the integrin-binding fragment of FBN12013
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Simon Zwolinksi
Dr Miranda Splitt
A case of mosaic trisomy 19q12-q13.2 with high BMI, macrocephaly, and speech delay: does USF2 determine size in the 19q phenotypes?2012
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Nigel Kirkham
Atypical findings in three patients with Pai syndrome and literature review2012
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Simon Zwolinksi
Dr Michael Wright
Interstitial microduplication 12q13.2-q13.3 in a patient with dysmorphism, developmental delay, atypical seizures and hypospadias: not a phenocopy of Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome2012
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr C Harikumar
Dr Richard Fisher
Agenesis of the corpus callosum in mosaic tetrasomy 8p.2010
Dr Brian Wilson
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Astrocytoma in a Breast Cancer Lineage: Part of the BRCA2 Phenotype?2010
Professor Bernard Connolly
Dr Brian Wilson
Uracil recognition by archaeal family B DNA polymerases2003