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Jayant Kakarla
Dr Jehill Parikh
Dr Kieren Hollingsworth
Professor Bernard Keavney
Professor Gary Ford
et al.
Right atrial flow patterns in the normal heart - a new clue in the patent foramen ovale and cryptogenic stroke story2015
Dr Louise Coats
The single-ventricle patient population: a current and future concern a population-based study in the North of England2014
Dr Vijay Kunadian
Dr Louise Coats
Cardiogenic Shock in Women2012
Dr Louise Coats
Electrical remodeling following percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation2011
Dr Louise Coats
Dr Craig Runnett
Double outlet right atrium with coexisting double inlet left ventricle and concordant ventriculoarterial connections: a fascinating variant of the Holmes heart2010
Dr Louise Coats
First-in-man implantation of a novel percutaneous valve: a new approach to medical device development2010
Dr Louise Coats
Effective transcatheter valve implantation after pulmonary homograft failure: a new perspective on the Ross operation.2009
Dr Louise Coats
Experimental setup to evaluate the performance of percutaneous pulmonary valved stent in different outflow tract morphologies.2009
Dr Louise Coats
Immediate clinical and haemodynamic benefits of restoration of pulmonary valvar competence in patients with pulmonary hypertension2009
Dr Louise Coats
Biventricular response after pulmonary valve replacement for right ventricular outflow tract dysfunction: is age a predictor of outcome?2008