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Professor Steve Wedge
Ex vivo treatment of patient biopsies as a novel method to assess colorectal tumour response to the MEK1/2 inhibitor, Selumetinib2017
Professor Steve Wedge
A minimum core outcome dataset for the reporting of preclinical chemotherapeutic drug studies: Lessons learned from multiple discordant methodologies in the setting of colorectal cancer2017
Dr Dominic Jones
Professor Martin Noble
Professor Steve Wedge
Professor Craig Robson
Dr Luke Gaughan
et al.
Aurora A regulates expression of AR-V7 in models of castrate resistant prostate cancer2017
Christopher Coxon
Dr Suzannah Harnor
Dr Mathew Martin
Dr Benoit Carbain
Professor Bernard Golding
et al.
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase (CDK) Inhibitors; Structure-Activity Relationships and Insights into the CDK-2 Selectivity of 6-Substituted 2-Arylaminopurines2017
Richard Noble
Dr Natalie Bell
Dr Helen Blair
Huw Thomas
Nicole Phillips
et al.
Inhibition of monocarboxyate transporter 1 by AZD3965 as a novel therapeutic approach for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and burkitt lymphoma2017
Professor Ruth Plummer
Professor Steve Wedge
Clinical development of new drug-radiotherapy combinations2016
Lan Wang
Professor Herbie Newell
Professor Steve Wedge
Tumor cells with KRAS or BRAF mutations or ERK5/MAPK7 amplification are not addicted to ERK5 activity for cell proliferation2016
Dominic Jones
Dr Mark Wade
Jim Grey
Dr Sirintra Nakjang
Wenrui Guo
et al.
Development and exploitation of a novel mutant androgen receptor modelling strategy to identify new targets for advanced prostate cancer therapy2015
Elisa Meschini
Dr Regina Mora Vidal
Dr Mathew Martin
Dr Will Stanley
Tristan Reuillon
et al.
Identification and characterization of an irreversible inhibitor of CDK22015
Professor Steve Wedge
Inhibition of PI3Kβ signaling with AZD8186 inhibits growth of PTEN-deficient breast and prostate tumors alone and in combination with docetaxel2015