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Dr Morten Nielsen
Professor William Willats
In vitro Biochemical Characterization of All Barley Endosperm Starch Synthases2016
Professor William Willats
Characterization of the LM5 pectic galactan epitope with synthetic analogues of β-1,4-d-galactotetraose2016
Professor William Willats
Synthesis of β-1,4-Linked Galactan Side-Chains of Rhamnogalacturonan I2016
Professor William Willats
A new generation of versatile chromogenic substrates for high-throughput analysis of biomass-degrading enzymes2015
Dr Claire Dumon
Professor William Willats
A new versatile microarray-based method for high throughput screening of carbohydrate-active enzymes.2015
Dr Artur Rogowski
Carl Morland
Dr Alan Cartmell
Dr Lucy Crouch
Dr Aurore Labourel
et al.
Recognition of xyloglucan by the crystalline cellulose-binding site of a family 3a carbohydrate-binding module2015
Professor William Willats
Resistant starch diet induces change in the swine microbiome and a predominance of beneficial bacterial populations2015
Professor William Willats
Escherichia coli Common Pilus (ECP) Targets Arabinosyl Residues in Plant Cell Walls to Mediate Adhesion to Fresh Produce Plants2014
Professor William Willats
Discovery of LPMO activity on hemicelluloses shows the importance of oxidative processes in plant cell wall degradation.2014
Professor William Willats
Range of cell-wall alterations enhance saccharification in Brachypodium distachyon mutants2014