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Professor Michael Griffin
Dr Andrew Robertson
Dr Iain Brownlee
Rachel Stovold
Dr Malcolm Brodlie
et al.
Aspiration and Allograft Injury Secondary to Gastroesophageal Reflux Occur in the Immediate Post-Lung Transplantation Period (Prospective Clinical Trial)2013
Professor John Dark
Advising Potential Recipients on the Use of Organs From Donors With Primary Central Nervous System Tumors.2012
Dr Andrew Robertson
Amaran Krishnan
Dr Christopher Ward
Professor Jeffrey Pearson
Therese Small
et al.
Anti-reflux surgery in lung transplant recipients: outcomes and effects on quality of life2012
Professor John Dark
Effect of donor smoking on survival after lung transplantation: a cohort study of a prospective registry2012
Professor John Dark
Organ transplantation: historical perspective and current practice2012
Professor Simi Ali
Professor John Dark
Professor John Kirby
Strategies for inhibition of chemokine (CCL2) mediated monocyte migration in lethal reperfusion injury2012
Professor John Dark
Danai Karamanou
Stephen Clark
Dr Brian Watson
Professor Paul Corris
et al.
Successful Transplantation of Unusable Donor Lungs Using Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion: The Newcastle Experience2012
Professor John Dark
The Smoking Donor - Benefit or Hazard to the Potential Lung Transplant Recipient?2012
Dr Noel Carter
Susan Stamp
Professor John Dark
David Talbot
An ex vivo model for reanimating porcine hearts sourced from donors after cardiac death2011
Professor Gerard Stansby
Dr Mark De Belder
Professor John Dark
Professor Gary Ford
Asymptomatic carotid disease and cardiac surgery consensus2011