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Dr Satomi Miwa
Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Telomerase and mTOR in the brain: The mitochondria connection2017
Dr Satomi Miwa
Dr Rafal Czapiewski
Tengfei Wan
Amy Bell
Kirsten Hill
et al.
Decreased mTOR signalling reduces mitochondrial ROS in brain via accumulation of the telomerase protein TERT within mitochondria2016
Ammar Ashor
Shakir Chowdhury
Dr Clio Oggioni
Othman Qadir
Dr Kirsten Brandt
et al.
Inorganic Nitrate Supplementation in Young and Old Obese Adults Does Not Affect Acute Glucose and Insulin Responses but Lowers Oxidative Stress2016
Dr Clara Correia Melo
Francisco Marques
Rhys Anderson
Dr Graeme Hewitt
Dr Bernadette Carroll
et al.
Mitochondria are required for pro-ageing features of the senescent phenotype2016
Abbas Ishaq
Dr Peter Hanson
Dr Christopher Morris
Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Telomerase Activity is Downregulated Early During Human Brain Development2016
Dr Lili Zhu
Dr Aurora Gomez Duran
Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Dr Katarzyna Tilgner
Dario Melguizo Sanchis
et al.
The mitochondrial protein CHCHD2 primes the differentiation potential of human induced pluripotent stem cells to neuroectodermal lineages2016
Professor Bob Anderson
Dr Simon Tual-Chalot
Dr Rachael Redgrave
Rebecca Dodds
Dr Andrew Owens
et al.
The role of cardiomyocyte senescence and regeneration in Ageing2016
Dr Vijay Kunadian
Dr Murugu Veerasamy
Dr Hannah Sinclair
Dr Jonathan Batty
Meedya Sharifpour
et al.
Association of Telomere Length and Telomerase Activity with Clinical Parameters in Older Patients Undergoing Invasive Management Of non-ST Elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome2015
Dr Dean Hallam
Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Dietary restriction mitigates age-related accumulation of DNA damage, but not all changes in mouse corneal epithelium2015
Dr Alison Spilsbury
Dr Satomi Miwa
Professor Johannes Attems
Dr Gabriele Saretzki
The Role of Telomerase Protein TERT in Alzheimer's Disease and in Tau-Related Pathology In Vitro2015