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Professor Neil Sheerin
Dr David Kavanagh
Professor Tim Goodship
Dr Sally Johnson
A national specialised service in England for atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome – the first year’s experience2016
Dr Suren Kanagasundaram
Dr Andrew Sims
Dr David Price
Professor Neil Sheerin
Computerised clinical decision support for the early recognition and management of acute kidney injury: a qualitative evaluation of end-user experience2016
Christopher Fox
Dr Pasquale Cocchiaro
Dr Fiona Oakley
Rachel Howarth
Krystena Callaghan
et al.
Inhibition of lysosomal protease cathepsin D reduces renal fibrosis in murine chronic kidney disease2016
Dr Gus Brooks
Dr Aaron Liew
Dr Helen Marshall
Dr Ali Aldibbiat
Professor Neil Sheerin
et al.
De Novo Donor-Specific HLA Antibodies Are Associated With Rapid Loss of Graft Function Following Islet Transplantation in Type 1 Diabetes2015
Dr Edwin Wong
Professor Neil Sheerin
Dr Kevin Marchbank
An extended mini-complement factor H molecule ameliorates experimental C3 glomerulopathy2015
Professor Neil Sheerin
Behaviour of Transplanted Tumours and Role of Matching in Rejection2015
Amy Fearn
Professor Neil Sheerin
Complement activation in progressive renal disease2015
Professor Neil Sheerin
Eculizumab Prevents Thrombotic Microangiopathy: Long-Term Follow-up Study of Patients with Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome2015
Professor Tim Goodship
Professor Neil Sheerin
Efficacy and safety of eculizumab in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome from 2-year extensions of phase 2 studies2015
Dr Sarah McCloskey
Professor Neil Sheerin
From a fish tank injury to hospital haemodialysis: the serious consequences of drug interactions2015