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Professor Chris Day
Dr Steven Masson
Professor Ann Daly
Professor Heather Cordell
Brief Report: Genetics of Alcoholic Cirrhosis-GenomALC Multinational Study2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Dr Elizabeth Davis
First Genome-Wide Association Study in an Australian Aboriginal Population Provides Insights into Genetic Risk Factors for Body Mass Index and Type 2 Diabetes2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Genome-wide Comparative Analysis of Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis Gives Insight into Opposing Genetic Mechanisms2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor Mark Walker
Identification and validation of N-acetyltransferase 2 as an insulin sensitivity gene2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Maternal Filaggrin Mutations Increase the Risk of Atopic Dermatitis in Children: An Effect Independent of Mutation Inheritance2015
Dr Laura Jopson
Professor Heather Cordell
Dacia Jones
The UK-PBC risk score: Derivation and validation of a risk score to predict liver events in the UK-PBC research cohort2015
Professor Judith Goodship
Professor Tim Goodship
Dr Heather Lambert
Professor Heather Cordell
Urinary Tract Effects of HPSE2 Mutations2015
Dr Anna Mitchell
Katie MacArthur
Dr Earn Gan
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor Simon Pearce
et al.
Association of Autoimmune Addison's Disease with Alleles of STAT4 and GATA3 in European Cohorts2014
Dr Nat Eu-Ahsunthornwattana
Professor Heather Cordell
Comparison of Methods to Account for Relatedness in Genome-Wide Association Studies with Family-Based Data2014
Dr Hannah Gautrey
Sanne van Otterdijk
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor John Mathers
Dr Gordon Strathdee
et al.
DNA methylation abnormalities at gene promoters are extensive and variable in the elderly and phenocopy cancer cells2014