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Dr Michael Keogh
Dr Marzena Kurzawa-Akanbi
Dr Helen Griffin
Dr Konstantinos Douroudis
Dr Kristin Ayers
et al.
Exome sequencing in dementia with Lewy bodies2016
Professor Heather Cordell
Gene expression in large pedigrees: analytic approaches2016
Dr Arthur Pratt
Dr Amy Anderson
Julie Diboll
Andrew Skelton
Dr Dennis Lendrem
et al.
Identification of novel expression quantitative trait loci in CD4+ T cells of untreated early arthritis patients2016
Agnese Balzani
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor Sandra Edwards
Sources of variation in udder morphology of sows2016
Professor Heather Cordell
A Bayesian Approach to the Overlap Analysis of Epidemiologically Linked Traits2015
Dr Holly Ainsworth
Dr So-Youn Shin
Professor Heather Cordell
A comparison of methods for inferring causal relationships between genotype and phenotype using multi-omics data2015
Professor Bernard Keavney
Professor Judith Goodship
Professor Heather Cordell
Association analysis identifies new risk loci for congenital heart disease in Chinese populations2015
Professor Chris Day
Dr Steven Masson
Professor Ann Daly
Professor Heather Cordell
Brief Report: Genetics of Alcoholic Cirrhosis-GenomALC Multinational Study2015
Dr Anna Mitchell
Professor Heather Cordell
Professor Simon Pearce
CTLA-4 as a genetic determinant in autoimmune Addison's disease2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Dr Elizabeth Davis
First Genome-Wide Association Study in an Australian Aboriginal Population Provides Insights into Genetic Risk Factors for Body Mass Index and Type 2 Diabetes2015