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Professor Hanns Lochmuller
Dr Roger Whittaker
Professor Rita Horvath
Drosophila studies support a role for a presynaptic synaptotagmin mutation in a human congenital myasthenic syndrome2017
Partow Yazdani
Professor Jenny Read
Dr Roger Whittaker
Professor Andrew Trevelyan
Assessment of epilepsy using noninvasive visual psychophysics tests of surround suppression2017
Dr Boglárka Bánsági
Dr Helen Griffin
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Teresinha Evangelista
Dr James Miller
et al.
Genetic heterogeneity of motor neuropathies2017
Dr Guiseppe Lanza
Dr Ana Kosac
Dr Roger Whittaker
Nerve conduction studies as a measure of disease progression: objectivity or illusion?2017
Dr Albert Lim
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Kirstie Anderson
Dr Anna Basu
Progressive weakness, ptosis and pseudomyopathic face as the presenting features in a patient with narcolepsy.2017
Dr Michael Mackay
Dr Hector Mahlaba
Erika Gavillet
Dr Roger Whittaker
Seizure self-prediction; myth or missed opportunity?2017
Dr Nichola Lax
Dr John Grady
Dr Alex Laude
Felix Chan
Philippa Hepplewhite
et al.
Extensive respiratory chain defects in inhibitory interneurones in patients with mitochondrial disease2016
Anderson Brito Da Silva
Dr Roger Whittaker
Professor Mark Cunningham
Human brain slices for epilepsy research: Pitfalls, solutions and future challenges2016
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr Yi Ng
Professor Doug Turnbull
Prevalence and Outcome of Mitochondrial Epilepsy Reply2016
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Vandy Dhawan
Slow wave sleep and accelerated forgetting2016