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Paul Jackson
Dr Jonathan Guy
Professor Sandra Edwards
Dr Barbara Sturm
Professor Steve Bull
et al.
Application of dynamic thermal engineering principles to improve the efficiency of resource use in UK pork production chains2017
Professor Steve Bull
Dr Noushin Moharrami
David Langton
Mechanistic study of the wear of ceramic heads by metallic stems in modular implants2017
Callum Howden
Professor Steve Bull
Dr James Stach
Antimicrobial and wear performance of Cu-Zr-Al metallic glass composites2016
Professor Steve Bull
Challenges in assessing the mechanical behavior of coatings on architectural glass2016
Hassan Izadi Gonabadi
Dr Adrian Oila
Professor Steve Bull
Fatigue of Sandwich Composites in Air and Seawater2016
Kazeem Adewole
Professor Steve Bull
Finite element failure analysis of wires for civil engineering applications with various crack-like laminations2016
Professor Steve Bull
Nanoindentation in Studying Mechanical Properties of Heterogeneous Materials2016
Jeet Varia
Dr Asfaw Zegeye
Dr Sharon Velasquez Orta
Professor Steve Bull
Process analysis of AuCl4- sorption leading to gold nanoparticle synthesis by Shewanella putrefaciens2016
Professor Steve Bull
Substrate effects and evaluation of elastic moduli of components of inhomogeneous films by nanoindentation2016
Professor Steve Bull
Dr Noushin Moharrami
Professor Trevor Page
The origins of chemomechanical effects in the low-load indentation hardness and tribology of ceramic materials2016