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Professor James Law
Narrowing the "digital divide"-facilitating access to computer technology to enhance the lives of those with aphasia: a feasibility study2016
Dr Cristina McKean
Professor James Law
Professor Sheena Reilly
Predicting meaningful differences in school-entry language skills from child and family factors measured at 12 months of age2016
Professor James Law
Dr Sarah Spencer
Capturing communication supporting classrooms: The development of a tool and feasibility study2015
Professor James Law
Development of a triage tool for neurodevelopmental risk in children aged 30 months2015
Professor James Law
Integrating external evidence of intervention effectiveness with both practice and the parent perspective: development of 'What Works' for speech, language and communication needs2015
Professor James Law
Mellow Parenting: systematic review and meta-analysis of an intervention to promote sensitive parenting2015
Professor James Law
Performance of children with social communication disorder on the Happé Strange Stories: physical and mental state responses and relationship to language ability2015
Dr Jeremy Parr
Magdalena Glod
Dr Inalegwu Oono
Shannon Robalino
Greg Baird
et al.
Systematic review of tools to measure outcomes for young children with autism spectrum disorder2015
Professor James Law
The contribution of early language development to children's emotional and behavioural functioning at 6 years: an analysis of data from the Children in Focus sample from the ALSPAC birth cohort2015
Professor James Law
The role of pragmatics in mediating the relationship between social disadvantage and adolescent behaviour2015