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Daniel Erskine
Dr John-Paul Taylor
Dr Michael Firbank
Professor John O'Brien
Professor Ian McKeith
et al.
Changes to the lateral geniculate nucleus in Alzheimer's disease but not dementia with Lewy bodies2015
Rizwan Nisar
Dr Peter Hanson
Dr Langping He
Professor Robert Taylor
Professor Peter Blain CBE
et al.
Diquat causes caspase-independent cell death in SH-SY5Y cells by production of ROS independently of mitochondria2015
Claire Savy
Dr Ann Fitchett
Dr Richard McQuade
Dr Sasha Gartside
Dr Christopher Morris
et al.
Low-level repeated exposure to diazinon and chlorpyrifos decrease anxiety-like behaviour in adult male rats as assessed by marble burying behaviour2015
Alicia Madgwick
Dr Peter Hanson
Professor David Elliott
Dr Christopher Morris
Dr Julian Venables
et al.
Neural Differentiation Modulates the Vertebrate Brain Specific Splicing Program2015
Dr Simon Hill
Professor Simon Thomas
Professor Paul Flecknell
Dr Aurelie Thomas
Dr Christopher Morris
et al.
Rapid and equivalent systemic bioavailability of the antidotes HI-6 and dicobalt edetate via the intraosseous and intravenous routes2015
Dr Marzena Kurzawa-Akanbi
Professor Patrick Chinnery
Dr Christopher Morris
Selective loss of glucocerebrosidase activity in sporadic Parkinson's disease and dementia with Lewy bodies2015
Dr Jeremy Parr
Magdalena Glod
Dr Inalegwu Oono
Shannon Robalino
Greg Baird
et al.
Systematic review of tools to measure outcomes for young children with autism spectrum disorder2015
Dr Christopher Morris
Dr Rita Barresi
A new monoclonal antibody against human alpha-dystroglycan has potential diagnostic applications2014
Dr Christopher Morris
Professor Johannes Attems
Professor Tim Griffiths
Professor Ian McKeith
Professor Alan Thomas
et al.
Frontotemporal dementia and its subtypes: a genome-wide association study2014
Dr Christopher Morris
I'm in love with my car: the neuropathology and neurotoxicology of petroleum products2014