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Coline Poirier
Dr Simon Baumann
Pradeep Dheerendra
Dr Olivier Joly
Dr David Hunter
et al.
Auditory motion-specific mechanisms in the primate brain2017
Jochem van Kempen
Professor Alexander Thiele
Cholinergic Control of Information Coding2017
Dr Michael Savage
Dr Richard McQuade
Professor Alexander Thiele
Segregated fronto-cortical and midbrain connections in the mouse and their relation to approach and avoidance orienting behaviors2017
Helen Gray
Bradley Pearce
Professor Alexander Thiele
Professor Candy Rowe
The use of preferred social stimuli as rewards for rhesus macaques in behavioural neuroscience2017
Professor Alexander Thiele
Dr Christian Brandt
Dr Sascha Gotthardt
Attention Induced Gain Stabilization in Broad and Narrow-Spiking Cells in the Frontal Eye-Field of Macaque Monkeys2016
Heather Slater
Alice Milne
Dr Ben Wilson
Ross Muers
Dr Fabien Balezeau
et al.
Individually customisable non-invasive head immobilisation system for non-human primates with an option for voluntary engagement2016
Dr Alwin Gieselmann
Professor Alexander Thiele
Selective modulation of cortical state during spatial attention2016
Mehdi Sanayei
Jose Herrero
Professor Alexander Thiele
Attention and normalization circuits in macaque V12015
Dr Ben Wilson
Dr Yuki Kikuchi
Dr Li Sun
Dr David Hunter
Professor Alexander Thiele
et al.
Auditory sequence processing reveals evolutionarily conserved regions of frontal cortex in macaques and humans2015
Dr Jason Connolly
Dr Quoc Vuong
Professor Alexander Thiele
Gaze-Dependent Topography in Human Posterior Parietal Cortex2015