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Dr Nicola Hobbs
Dr Alan Godfrey
Dr Jose Lara-Gallegos
Linda Errington
Dr Thomas Meyer
et al.
Are behavioral interventions effective in increasing physical activity at 12 to 36 months in adults aged 55 to 70 years? A systematic review and meta-analysis2013
Sofia Lisanti
Bartlomiej Tomaszewski
Professor John Mathers
Dr Sabine Langie
Comparison of Methods for Quantification of Global DNA Methylation in Human Cells and Tissues2013
Francesca Migheli
Professor John Mathers
Comparison Study of MS-HRM and Pyrosequencing Techniques for Quantification of APC and CDKN2A Gene Methylation2013
Laura Ions
Dr Luisa Wakeling
Dr Helen Bosomworth
Joy Hardyman
Suzanne Escolme
et al.
Effects of Sirt1 on DNA methylation and expression of genes affected by dietary restriction2013
Linda Penn
Professor Martin White
Professor Mark Walker
Professor John Mathers
Importance of Weight Loss Maintenance and Risk Prediction in the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: Analysis of European Diabetes Prevention Study RCT2013
Alex Munro
Professor Ashley Adamson
Professor John Mathers
Lifecourse patterns of protein consumption and physical capability in later life2013
Dr Sabine Langie
Sebastian Achterfeldt
Joanna Gorniak
Rachel Godschalk
Dr Jill McKay
et al.
Maternal folate depletion and high-fat feeding from weaning affects DNA methylation and DNA repair in brain of adult offspring2013
Dr Daniel Commane
David Bradburn
Dr Ramesh Arasaradnam
Professor John Mathers
Nutritional factors and gender influence age-related DNA methylation in the human rectal mucosa2013
Stuart Robinson
Dr Jelena Mann
Professor John Mathers
Professor Alastair Burt
Dr Fiona Oakley
et al.
Pathogenesis of FOLFOX induced sinusoidal obstruction syndrome in a murine chemotherapy model2013
Dharmendra Garg
David Bradburn
Professor John Mathers
Quantitative profiling of CpG island methylation in human stool for colorectal cancer detection2013