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Dr Lizzie Harris
Dr Umar Burki
Dr Chiara Marini Bettolo
Dr Marta Bertoli
Dr Teresinha Evangelista
et al.
Complex phenotypes associated with STIM1 mutations in both coiled coil and EF-hand domains2017
Dr Aiqing Chen
Dr Rufus Akinyemi
Dr Yoshiki Hase
Dr Michael Firbank
Michael Ndung'U
et al.
Frontal white matter hyperintensities, clasmatodendrosis and gliovascular abnormalities in ageing and post-stroke dementia2016
Dr Tracey Willis
Dr Claire Wood
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Dr Rita Barresi
Professor Hanns Lochmuller
et al.
Muscle hypertrophy as the presenting sign in a patient with a complete FHL1 deletion2016
Professor Fiona Matthews
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Old-age hippocampal sclerosis associates with GRN and TMEM106B but not with ABCC9 variation in population-based cohorts2016
Sebastian Figueroa Bonaparte
Dr Rita Barresi
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Dr Timothy Williams
Dr Ana Topf
et al.
Mutational spectrum and phenotypic variability of VCP-related neurological disease in the UK2015
Dr Teresinha Evangelista
Dr Boglarka Bansagi
Dr Angela Pyle
Dr Helen Griffin
Dr Konstantinos Douroudis
et al.
Phenotypic variability of TRPV4 related neuropathies2015
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Dr Elizabeta Mukaetova-Ladinska
Re-examining tau-immunoreactive pathology in the population: granulovacuolar degeneration and neurofibrillary tangles2015
Dr Veronika Boczonadi
Dr Juliane Mueller
Dr Angela Pyle
Dr Jennifer Munkley
Michele Giunta
et al.
EXOSC8 mutations alter mRNA metabolism and cause hypomyelination with spinal muscular atrophy and cerebellar hypoplasia2014
Vincent Foster
Arthur Oakley
Janet Slade
Roslyn Hall
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
et al.
Pyramidal neurons of the prefrontal cortex in post-stroke, vascular and other ageing-related dementias2014
Dr Benjamin Davison
Dr Tuomo Polvikoski
Dr Jannath Ahmed
The impact of thrombus aspiration on luminal expansion: the intra-vascular ultrasound study of thrombectomy in ST elevation myocardial infarction patients2014