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Dr Sally Coulthard
Philip Berry
Sarah McGarrity
Dr Christopher Redfern
Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for measuring deoxythioguanosine in DNA from thiopurine-treated patients2016
Dr Jane Armstrong
Dr David Hill
Christopher McKee
Maria Anagnostou
Fiyinfoluwa Babatunde
et al.
Exploiting Cannabinoid-Induced Cytotoxic Autophagy to Drive Melanoma Cell Death2015
Robert Swierczewski
Dr John Hedley
Dr Christopher Redfern
High-resolution micromechanical measurement in real time of forces exerted by living cells2015
Dr Lindsay Nicholson
Elizabeth Matheson
Lynne Minto
Christopher Keilty
Maryna Sanichar
et al.
Quantitative proteomic analysis reveals maturation as a mechanism underlying glucocorticoid resistance in B lineage ALL and re-sensitization by JNK inhibition2015
Dr Christopher Redfern
Dr Richard Bevan
A comparison of foraging behaviour in the North Sea by Black-legged Kittiwakes Rissa tridactyla from an inland and a maritime colony2014
Shaun Martin
Professor Penny Lovat
Dr Christopher Redfern
Cell-Type Variation in Stress Responses as a Consequence of Manipulating GRP78 Expression in Neuroectodermal Cells2014
Dr Emma Bell
Dr Frida Ponthan
Claire Whitworth
Professor Deborah Tweddle
Professor John Lunec
et al.
COX2 expression in neuroblastoma increases tumorigenicity but does not affect cell death in response to the COX2 inhibitor celecoxib2014
Dr Javier Vazquez del Real
Dr John Hedley
Dr Mark Birch
Dr Christopher Redfern
A microsystem for real time high resolution measurement of cell forces2013
Dr Frida Ponthan
Claire Whitworth
Huw Thomas
Dr Christopher Redfern
Cell Survival Signalling through PPARĪ“ and Arachidonic Acid Metabolites in Neuroblastoma2013
Dr Maria Lastowska
Hani Al-Afghani
Haya AL-Balool
Dr Jonathan Coxhead
et al.
Identification of a neuronal transcription factor network involved in medulloblastoma development2013