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Professor Mark Pearce
"Throughout the cancer patient's journey, there ought to be a discussion about work": The role of GPs in Scotland2017
Dr Claire McDonald
Professor Mark Pearce
Dr Simon Kerr
Professor Julia Newton
Blood pressure variability and cognitive decline in older people: a 5-year longitudinal study.2017
Dr Richard McNally
Dr Peter James
Karen Blakey
Nermine Basta
Professor Mark Pearce
et al.
Can changes in population mixing and socio-economic deprivation in Cumbria, England explain changes in cancer incidence around Sellafield?2017
Dr Angela Jones
Dr Martin Tovee
Laura Cutler
Dr Kathryn Parkinson
Louisa Jane Ells
et al.
Development of the MapMe intervention body image scales of known weight status for 4-5 and 10-11 year old children2017
Dr Richard Harbron
Professor Mark Pearce
Enhanced radiation dose and DNA damage associated with iodinated contrast media in diagnostic X-ray imaging2017
Dr Alexandra Battersby
Professor Mark Pearce
Dr Andrew Gennery
Inflammatory and autoimmune manifestations in X-linked carriers of chronic granulomatous disease in the United Kingdom2017
Dr Kay Mann
Dr Laura Basterfield
Professor Mark Pearce
Jessica Reilly
Professor Ashley Adamson
et al.
Longitudinal study of the associations between change in sedentary behavior and change in adiposity during childhood and adolescence: Gateshead Millennium Study2017
Dr Richard Harbron
Emeritus Professor Sir Craft
Professor Mark Pearce
No association between radiation dose from pediatric CT scans and risk of subsequent Hodgkin lymphoma2017
Dr Richard Harbron
Professor Mark Pearce
Projected cancer risks potentially related to past, current and future practices in paediatric CT in the UK, 1990-20202017
Dr Blossom Stephan
Professor Carol Jagger
Professor Mark Pearce
Dr Mario Siervo
Protocol of a feasibility study for cognitive assessment of an ageing cohort within the Southeast Asia Community Observatory (SEACO), Malaysia2017