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Jonathan Kidd
Dr Peter Manning
Dr Janet Simkin
Dr Simon Peacock
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
et al.
Impacts of 120 years of fertilizer addition on a temperate grassland ecosystem2017
Eleanor Swain
Dr Leo Rempelos
Dr caroline Orr
Gavin Hall
Rachel Chapman
et al.
Optimizing nitrogen use efficiency in wheat and potatoes: interactions between genotypes and agronomic practices2014
Professor Ilias Kyriazakis
Ollie Szyszka
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Simon Wilson
Professor Sandra Edwards
et al.
Can we reduce our current levels of Phosphorous in pig diets without affecting their performance and health?2013
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Competition between plant and bacterial cells at the microscale regulates the dynamics of nitrogen acquisition in wheat (Triticum aestivum)2013
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Rhizosphere effects on functional stability of microbial communities in conventional and organic soils following elevated temperature treatment2013
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Molecular Weight of Dissolved Organic Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phenolics in Grassland Soils2012
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
The effect of co-composted cabbage and ground phosphate rock on the early growth and P uptake of oilseed rape and perennial ryegrass2012
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Relationships between soil organic matter and the soil microbial biomass (size, functional diversity, and community structure) in crop and pasture systems in a semi-arid environment2011
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Soil microbial biomass-Interpretation and consideration for soil monitoring2011
Dr Elizabeth Stockdale
Dr Anke Herrmann
Application of nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry to plant cell research2010