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Dr Gavin Clowry
An enhanced role and expanded developmental origins for gamma-aminobutyric acidergic interneurons in the human cerebral cortex2015
Dr Anna Basu
Dr Gavin Clowry
Improving outcomes in cerebral palsy with early intervention: new translational approaches2015
Dr Nahidh Al-Jaberi
Professor Susan Lindsay
Dr Subrot Sarma
Dr Nadhim Bayatti
Dr Gavin Clowry
et al.
The Early Fetal Development of Human Neocortical GABAergic Interneurons2015
Dr Alistair Jenkins
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Ian Schofield
Dr Gavin Clowry
Dr Mark Cunningham
et al.
Gap junction networks can generate both ripple-like and fast ripple-like oscillations2014
Dr Gavin Clowry
Seeking clues in brain development to explain the extraordinary evolution of language in humans2014
Harbaljit Sohal
Dr Andrew Jackson
Dr Gavin Clowry
Dr Konstantin Vasilevskiy
Professor Anthony O'Neill
et al.
The sinusoidal probe: a new approach to improve electrode longevity 2014
Dr Gavin Clowry
Reem Basuodan
Felix Chan
What are the Best Animal Models for Testing Early Intervention in Cerebral Palsy?2014
Dr Ingrid Ehrmann
Caroline Dalgliesh
Dr Marina Danilenko
Moira Crosier
Lynne Overman
et al.
The Tissue-Specific RNA Binding Protein T-STAR Controls Regional Splicing Patterns of Neurexin Pre-mRNAs in the Brain2013
Dr Gavin Clowry
Cerebral cortical development in rodents and primates2012
Dr Nicolas Forraz
Professor Colin McGuckin
Dr Marcin Jurga
Professor Susan Lindsay
Bui Ip
et al.
In vitro modelling of cortical neurogenesis by sequential induction of human umbilical cord blood stem cells2012