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Dr Mika Martikainen
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr Paul Goldsmith
Professor David Burn
Professor Doug Turnbull
et al.
Adult-onset myoclonus ataxia associated with the mitochondrial m.8993T>C “NARP” mutation2015
Dr Amy Reeve
Dr Eve Simcox
Professor Doug Turnbull
Aggregated α-synuclein and complex I deficiency: exploration of their relationship in differentiated neurons2015
Jessica Richardson
Dr Laura Irving
Dr Louise Hyslop
Dr Meenakshi Choudhary
Professor Alison Murdoch
et al.
Assisted Reproductive Technologies to Prevent Transmission of Mitochondrial DNA Disease2015
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr Gerald Pfeffer
Dr Helen Griffin
Dr Marzena Kurzawa-Akanbi
Jessica Gabriel
et al.
Clonal Expansion of Secondary Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Associated With Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 282015
Dr Nichola Lax
Dr John Grady
Dr Alex Laude
Felix Chan
Philippa Hepplewhite
et al.
Extensive respiratory chain defects in inhibitory interneurones in patients with mitochondrial disease2015
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr John Grady
Dr Yi Ng
Dr Andrew Schaefer
Dr Richard McNally
et al.
Mitochondrial Donation: How Many Women Could Benefit?2015
Professor Mary Herbert
Professor Doug Turnbull
Mitochondrial replacement to prevent the transmission of mitochondrial DNA disease2015
Dr Elizabeth Stoll
Dr Andrew Trevelyan
Dr Satomi Miwa
Professor Doug Turnbull
Neural stem cells in the adult subventricular zone oxidize fatty acids to produce energy and support neurogenic activity.2015
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr Hue Hornig - Do
Dr Helen Tuppen
Dr Laura Greaves
Dr Langping He
et al.
Novel MTND1 mutations cause isolated exercise intolerance, complex I deficiency and increased assembly factor expression2015
Dr Grainne Gorman
Dr Joanna Elson
Jane Newman
Dr Brendan Payne
Dr Bobby McFarland
et al.
Perceived fatigue is highly prevalent and debilitating in patients with mitochondrial disease2015