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Dr Miranda Patterson
Dr Ian Forrest
Becci Sharrock
Maria Lane
Dr Angelika Kaufmann
et al.
Assessing the function of homologous recombination DNA repair in malignant pleural effusion (MPE) samples2014
Wojciech Ciszewski
Dr Michele Tavecchio
Professor Nicola Curtin
DNA-PK inhibition by NU7441 sensitizes breast cancer cells to ionizing radiation and doxorubicin2014
Professor Nicola Curtin
Dr Rakesh Heer
Investigating PARP-1 expression and activity in male and female, benign and malignant renal tissue2014
Professor Nicola Curtin
PARP inhibitors for anticancer therapy2014
Dr Britta Vormoor
Professor Nicola Curtin
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase inhibitors in Ewing sarcoma2014
Pawel Znojek
Dr Elaine Willmore
Professor Nicola Curtin
Preferential potentiation of topoisomerase I poison cytotoxicity by PARP inhibition in S phase2014
Dr Rachel O'Donnell
Dr Aiste McCormick
Dr Asima Mukhopadhyay
Michelle Dixon
Dr Angelika Kaufmann
et al.
The Use of Ovarian Cancer Cells from Patients Undergoing Surgery to Generate Primary Cultures Capable of Undergoing Functional Analysis2014
James Murray
Huw Thomas
Philip Berry
Suzanne Kyle
Dr Miranda Patterson
et al.
Tumour cell retention of rucaparib, sustained PARP inhibition and efficacy of weekly as well as daily schedules2014
Dr Celine Cano
Dr Kappusamy Saravanan
Professor Nicola Curtin
Professor Bernard Golding
Dr Ian Hardcastle
et al.
1-Substituted (Dibenzo[b,d]thiophen-4-yl)-2-morpholino-4H-chromen-4-ones Endowed with Dual DNA-PK PI3-K Inhibitory Activity2013
Professor Ruth Plummer
Dr Evan Mulligan
Professor Nicola Curtin
Professor Alan Calvert
A phase II study of the potent PARP inhibitor, Rucaparib (PF-01367338, AG014699), with temozolomide in patients with metastatic melanoma demonstrating evidence of chemopotentiation2013