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Dr Bridget Griffiths
Dr John Allen
Quantification of differences between nailfold capillaroscopy images with a scleroderma pattern and normal pattern using measures of geometric and algorithmic complexity2017
Audrey Macdonald
Dr John Allen
Thermal symmetry of healthy feet: a precursor to a thermal study of diabetic feet prior to skin breakdown2017
Dr John Allen
Infrared thermometry reveals no differences of the skin temperatures at the plantar, dorsal, medial and lateral sites between the right foot and left foot in healthy volunteers2016
Dr Murugu Veerasamy
Dr Alan Bagnall
Dr John Allen
Dr Hannah Sinclair
Dr Vijay Kunadian
et al.
Endothelial Dysfunction and Coronary Artery Disease A State of the Art Review2015
Dr Petros Perros
Dr John Allen
Exploratory thermal and laser speckle contrast imaging measurements of eye inflammation in a case of thyroid eye disease2015
Dr John Allen
Illuminating light in medical diagnostics and treatment2015
Dr John Allen
Dr Ian Forrest
Imaging assessments of patients with suspected systemic sclerosis and associated inflammatory lung disease2015
Dr Scott Wilkes
Professor Gerard Stansby
Dr Andrew Sims
Dr John Allen
Peripheral Arterial Disease: diagnostic challenges and how photoplethysmography may help2015
Costanzo Di Maria
Dr John Allen
Quantifying the correlation between photoplethysmography and laser Doppler flowmetry microvascular low-frequency oscillations2015
Dr John Allen
Reliability and Validity of Mean Vessel Width in Capillaroscopy for Evaluating Systemic Sclerosis-Related Microangiopathy2015