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Florence Jong
Stephen Edwards
Professor David Graham
Enhanced denitrification in Downflow Hanging Sponge reactors for decentralised domestic wastewater treatment2017
Professor David Graham
A 21-year record of vertically migrating subepilemnetic populations of Chyptomonas spp.2016
Marcos Quintela-Baluja
Professor David Graham
A conceptual framework for invasion in microbial communities2016
Professor David Graham
Dr Charles Knapp
Dr Jan Dolfing
Appearance of β-lactam resistance genes in agricultural soils and clinical isolates over the 20th century2016
Maria Valdivia-Garcia
Professor David Graham
Dr David Werner
Climatic, geographic and operational determinants of trihalomethanes (THMs) in drinking water systems2016
Dr Clare McCann
Dr Matthew Wade
Dr Neil Gray
Dr Casey Hubert
Professor David Graham
et al.
Microbial Communities in a High Arctic polar desert landscape2016
Micol Bellucci
Dr Dana Ofiteru
Dr Luciano Beneduce
Professor David Graham
Professor Ian Head
et al.
A preliminary and qualitative study of resource ratio theory to nitrifying lab-scale bioreactors2015
Professor David Graham
Antibiotic Resistance in the Environment: Not the Usual Suspects2015
Professor David Graham
Dominant and novel clades of Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis in 18 globally distributed full-scale wastewater treatment plants2015
Dr Beate Christgen
Professor David Graham
Metagenomics shows low-energy anaerobic-aerobic treatment reactors reduce antibiotic resistance gene dissemination from domestic wastewater2015