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Joseph O'Donoghue
Dr Anne Lennard
Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma: The UK experience. Recommendations on its management and implications for informed consent2017
Joseph O'Donoghue
National trends in immediate and delayed post-mastectomy reconstruction procedures in England: A seven-year population-based cohort study2017
Joseph O'Donoghue
Dr George Petrides
Dr Rachel Howitt
Stewart Nicholson
Henry Cain
et al.
The introduction of radioactive seed localisation improves the oncological outcome of image guided breast conservation surgery2017
Joseph O'Donoghue
National trends and regional variation in immediate breast reconstruction rates2016
David Hughes
Joseph O'Donoghue
Prevention of perioperative limb neuropathies in abdominal free flap breast reconstruction2016
Joseph O'Donoghue
The Proportion of Women Who Have a Breast 4 Years after Breast Cancer Surgery: A Population-Based Cohort Study2016
Joseph O'Donoghue
Donor-Site Hernia Repair in Abdominal Flap Breast Reconstruction: A Population-Based Cohort Study of 7929 Patients2015
Richard Milner
Joseph O'Donoghue
Successful flap revascularization following late pedicle avulsion2006
Paul Wright
Dr Sarah MacFarlane
Joseph O'Donoghue
The semi-permeability of silicone: a saline-filled breast implant with intraluminal and pericapsular Aspergillus flavus2006
Joseph O'Donoghue
Dr Peter Donaldson
Co-amoxiclav jaundice: clinical, histological features and HLA class II association2000