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Dr Toby Hopf
Dr Konstantin Vasilevskiy
Dr Enrique Escobedo-Cousin
Dr Peter King
Professor Nick Wright
et al.
Dirac point and transconductance of top-gated graphene field-effect transistors operating at elevated temperature2014
Dr Martin Coward
Hot Spots/Cold Spots: Infrastructural Politics in the Urban Age2015
Professor Michael Taggart
Dr Magdalena Karolczak-Bayatti
Professor Nick Europe-Finner
Letter to the editor: "KDAC and the regulation of nonnuclear smooth muscle protein acetylation"2014
Dr Lucy Eland
Structural integrity affects nitrogen removal activity of granules in semi-continuous reactors2014
Professor Peter Thomson
Tissue autofluorescence and the diagnosis and management of oral potentially malignant disorders2014
Professor Philip Sloan
Dr Viney Wadehra
Dr Sarah Johnson
Dr Max Robinson
Professor Peter Thomson
et al.
Predicting clinical outcome following oral potentially malignant disorder treatment - the role of adjunctive techniques2014
Dr Rachel Carr
Recent retreat of major outlet glaciers on Novaya Zemlya, Russian Arctic, influenced by fjord geometry and sea-ice conditions2014
Professor Geraldine Wright
Nutrition affects survival in African honeybees exposed to interacting stressors2014
Dr Mark Pearce
Kay Mann
Prevalence and validity of self-reported smoking in Indigenous and non-Indigenous young adults in the Australian Northern Territory2014
Professor Richard Henderson
Sterics level the rates of proton transfer to [Ni(XPh){PhP(CH2CH2PPh2)(2)}]+ (X = O, S or Se)2014