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Ogo Ogo
Dr John Tyson
Dr Simon Cockell
Dr Alison Howard
Dr Ruth Valentine
et al.
The zinc finger protein ZNF658 regulates the transcription of genes involved in zinc homeostasis and affects ribosome biogenesis through the zinc transcriptional regulatory element (ZTRE)2015
Professor Tim Goodship
Professor Neil Sheerin
Efficacy and Safety of Eculizumab in Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome: 2-year Results from Extensions of phase 2 studies2015
Professor Cliff Jones
Dr Nisansala Yatapanage
Tackling Separation via Abstraction (with proofs)2015
Professor John Fitzgerald
Proceedings of the 12th Overture Workshop, Newcastle University, 21 June, 20142015
Dr Lukasz Mikulski
Square-free words over partially commutative alphabets2014
Kittikorn Soontaranurak
Dr Philip Dawson
Rubber Acreage Supply Response in Thailand: A Cointegration Approach2015
Dr Sarah Steven
Dr Peter Carey
Professor Roy Taylor
Reversal of Type 2 diabetes after bariatric surgery is determined by the degree of achieved weight loss in both short- and long-duration diabetes2015
Mike Simpson
Dr William Blewitt
Dr Gary Ushaw
Dr Graham Morgan
Utilisation of Video Game Physics Techniques in Real Time Simulation of the Wheel Rail Interface for Predicted Derailemt of Rail Vehicles2014
Stephen Bowles
Dr Barry Gallacher
Dr Zhongxu Hu
Control Scheme to Reduce the Effect of Structure Imperfections in a Rate Integrating MEMS Gyroscope2015
Lei Xing
Dr Prodip Das
Dr Xueguan Song
Dr Mohamed Mamlouk
Professor Keith Scott
et al.
Numerical Analysis of the Optimum Membrane/Ionomer Water Content of PEMFCs: The Interaction of Nafion Ionomer Content and Cathode Relative Humidity2015