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Dr Roger Harrison
Introduction to dosimetry and risk estimation of second cancer induction following radiotherapy2013
Professor Ann Le Couteur
Professor Helen McConachie
Treatment Mechanism in the MRC Pre-School Autism Communication Trial: Implications for study design and parent-focussed therapy for children2013
Dr Robert Tinnion
Dr Neil Davidson
Dr Michael Wright
Dr Sundeep Harigopal
Rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata: a classic 'spot' diagnosis2011
Dr Michelle Gamble
Dr Chris Fowler
A re-assessment of Early Bronze Age human remains in Tyne and Wear Museums: results and implications for interpreting Early Bronze Age burials from North-East England and beyond.2013
Sarra Ryan
Professor Anthony Moorman
Dr Richard McNally
Professor Bryan Young
Dr Paul Sinclair
et al.
Constitutional and somatic rearrangement of chromosome 21 in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia2014
Dr Ross Maxwell
Dr John Wilsdon
Dr Charles Kelly
Variation in Radiotherapy Target Volume Definition, Dose to Organs at Risk and Clinical Target Volumes using Anatomic (Computed Tomography) versus Combined Anatomic and Molecular Imaging (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography): Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy Delivered using a Tomotherapy Hi Art Machine: Final Results of the VortigERN Study2012
Professor Julian Hughes
Emotions and Personhood. Exploring Fragility - Making Sense of Vulnerability2014
Dr Alistair Jenkins
Dr Roger Whittaker
Dr Ian Schofield
Dr Gavin Clowry
Dr Mark Cunningham
et al.
Gap junction networks can generate both ripple-like and fast ripple-like oscillations2014
Dr Manon Grube
Dr Sukhbinder Kumar
Dr Thomas Kelly
Professor Tim Griffiths
Exploring the role of auditory analysis in atypical compared to typical language development2014
David Elliott
Biological nitrate removal processes from drinking water supply - a review2013