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Dr Zheyi Liew
Professor Kate Gould
Dr Susan Bunn
Dr Matthew Thomas
Dr James Lordan
et al.
Successful outcome following pneumonectomy in a teenage boy with cystic fibrosis: a case report.2017
Dr Ariyan Ashkanfar
David Langton
Professor Tom Joyce
A large taper mismatch is one of the key factors behind high wear rates and failure at the taper junction of total hip replacements: A finite element wear analysis2017
Ali Alameer
Dr Patrick Degenaar
Dr Kianoush Nazarpour
Biologically-inspired object recognition system for recognizing natural scene categories2016
Professor Gill Rowlands
Health Literacy, Diabetes Prevention, and Self-Management2017
Aslan Jalal
Dr Nick Baker
Dr Dawei Wu
Electrical Machine Design for use in an External Combustion Free Piston Engine2017
Asmaa Almutairi
Patrick Guo
Dr Dawei Wu
Professor Tony Roskilly
Characterization of lubricant degeneration and component deterioration on straight plant oil engine durability2017
Dr Dawei Wu
Aslan Jalal
Dr Nick Baker
A coupled model of the Linear Joule Engine integrated with a tubular permanent magnet linear alternator2016
Dr Dawei Wu
An experimental investigation of salt-water separation in the vacuum flashing assisted with heat pipes and solid adsorption2016
Can Evirgen
Fred Gent
Professor Anvar Shukurov
Dr Andrew Fletcher
Dr Paul Bushby
et al.
The distribution of mean and fluctuating magnetic fields in the multiphase interstellar medium2017
Professor Bob Anderson
Characteristics of Hospitalizations for the Glenn Procedure in Those With Isomerism Compared to Those Without2016