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Emeritus Professor Allan Colver
How available to European children and young people with cerebral palsy are features of their environment that they need?2017
Karen Laing
Jenny Hasenfuss
Professor Mark Shucksmith OBE
Professor Liz Todd
Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones
et al.
Principles for promoting the impact of SSH research by co-creation: key issues in research design and communication2017
Dr Xu Deng
Professor Barrie Mecrow
Dr Richard Martin
Dr Shady Gadoue
Effects of Winding Connection on Performance of a Six-Phase Switched Reluctance Machine2017
Dr Miguel Velazquez
Insulin and branched-chain amino acid depletion during mouse preimplantation embryo culture programmes body weight gain and raised blood pressure during early postnatal life2018
Dr Jeremy Parr
Dr Emma Todhunter
Dr Lindsay Pennington
Dr Deborah Stocken
Dr Jill Cadwgan
et al.
Drooling Reduction Intervention randomised trial (DRI): comparing the efficacy and acceptability of hyoscine patches and glycopyrronium liquid on drooling in children with neurodisability2017
Professor Lorraine Brennan
Dr Sharron Kuznesof
Academics’ conceptualisations of the research-teaching nexus in a research-intensive Irish university: A dynamic framework for growth & development2017
Khaled Al-ma''aitah
Dr Ghaith Tarawneh
Dr Ahmed Abd El-Aal
Issa Qiqieh
Professor Alex Yakovlev
et al.
Approximate Adder Segmentation Technique and Significance-Driven Error Correction2017
Ruslee Sutthaweekul
Professor Gui Yun Tian
Steel Corrosion Stages Characterisation using Open-Ended Rectangular Waveguide Probe2017
Dr Tina Biss
Severity and Features of Epistaxis in Children with a Mucocutaneous Bleeding Disorder2017
Judith Unterlass
Dr Arnaud Basle
Dr Julie Tucker
Dr Celine Cano
Professor Martin Noble
et al.
Structural insights into the enzymatic activity and potential substrate promiscuity of human 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (PHGDH)2017