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Dr Kristoffer Halvorsrud
Dr Darren Flynn
Professor Gary Ford
Dr Peter McMeekin
Dawn Craig
et al.
A Delphi study and ranking exercise to support commissioning services: future delivery of Thrombectomy services in England2018
Dr Elena Katselli
The Rights to Return Home and to Property Restitution under International Law2018
Professor Avan Aihie Sayer
miR-424-5p reduces ribosomal RNA and protein synthesis in muscle wasting2017
Dr Elena Katselli
The Right Not to Be Displaced by Armed Conflict under International2018
Dr Ole Pedersen
Synergies and Conflicts with Constitutional and Public Law2018
Dr Karolina Rygiel
Dr Richard Dodds
Dr Antoneta Granic
Dr Mariana Rocha
Professor Doug Turnbull
et al.
Mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency in older men and its relationship with muscle mass and physical performance.2017
Professor Marilia Buzalaf
Dr Ruth Valentine
Professor Anne Maguire
Dr Vida Zohoori
Effect of chronic exercise on fluoride metabolism in fluorosis-susceptible mice exposed to high fluoride2018
Dr Sara Graziadio
Professor John Simpson
Dr Joy Allen
Interactive visualisation for interpreting diagnostic test accuracy study results2018
Dr Farhat Jabeen
Dr Abdul Chaudhry
Assessment of copper nanoparticles (Cu-NPs) and copper (II) oxide (CuO) induced hemato- and hepatotoxicity in Cyprinus carpio.2018
Hannah Lyons
The Intangible Nation: Spatializing experiences of Britishness and belonging for young British Muslim women2018