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Huw Thomas
Professor Nicola Curtin
Vasoactivity of Rucaparib, a PARP-1 Inhibitor, is a Complex Process that Involves Myosin Light Chain Kinase, P2 Receptors, and PARP Itself2015
Dr Brook Galna
Dr Susan Lord
Professor David Burn
Professor Lynn Rochester
Progression of Gait Dysfunction in Incident Parkinson's Disease: Impact of Medication and Phenotype2015
Dr Francesco Zummo
Kirsty Cullen
Dr Penny Lovat
Professor James Shaw
Dr Catherine Arden
et al.
Glucagon-like peptide 1 protects pancreatic beta cells from programmed cell death: a role for autophagy2015
Professor Rita Horvath
Professor Patrick Chinnery
Modifying Mitochondrial tRNAs: Delivering What the Cell Needs2015
Dr Gerald Pfeffer
Dr Angela Pyle
Dr Helen Griffin
Valerie Wilson
Dr Lisa Turnbull
et al.
SPG7 mutations are a common cause of undiagnosed ataxia2015
Paul Milne
Dr Venetia Bigley
Dr Merry Gunawan
Dr Muz Haniffa
Professor Matthew Collin
et al.
CD1c+ blood dendritic cells have Langerhans cell potential2015
Professor Heather Cordell
Dr Elizabeth Davis
First Genome-Wide Association Study in an Australian Aboriginal Population Provides Insights into Genetic Risk Factors for Body Mass Index and Type 2 Diabetes2015
Dan O'Hagan
Dr Clare Andrews
Thomas Bedford
Professor Melissa Bateson
Professor Daniel Nettle
et al.
Early life disadvantage strengthens flight performance trade-offs in European starlings, Sturnus vulgaris2015
Dr Martina Finetti
Ben Skalkoyannis
Matthew Selby
Dr Stephen Crosier
Professor Simon Bailey
et al.
Mechanism of tumourigenesis caused by loss of SMARCB1 in malignant rhabdoid tumors2014
Dr Leah Avery
Dr Sarah Denton
Dr Michael Lavender
Professor Falko Sniehotta
Professor Michael Trenell
et al.
Barriers and enabling factors to use of a physical activity behavioural intervention for adults with Type 2 diabetes delivered in primary care: qualitative findings from the Movement as Medicine open pilot study2015