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Authors               TitleYear
Professor Andrew Russell
Landscape reaction, response, and recovery following the catastrophic 1918 Katla jökulhlaup, southern Iceland2014
Dr Bryan Burford
Dr Gillian Vance
When I say ... preparedness2014
Professor Simon Bailey
Management of Children with Wilms Tumor in Africa and Europe; Thoughts About Costs, Priorities and Collaboration2014
Christopher Beattie
Professor Michael North
Vanadiumv(salen) catalysed synthesis of oxazolidinones from epoxides and isocyanates2014
Dr Sandy Anderson
Dr Guohong Tian
Organic Rankine Cycle recovering stage heat from MSF desalination distillate water2014
Dr Blossom Stephan
Professor Carol Brayne
(Unsuccessful) Binary Modeling of Successful Aging in the Oldest-Old Adults: A Call for Continuum-Based Measures2014
Ching Ng
Dr Abul Hasnat
Professor Chris Day
Professor Ann Daly
N-acetyltransferase 2 (NAT2) genotype as a risk factor for development of drug-induced liver injury relating to antituberculosis drug treatment in a mixed-ethnicity patient group2014
Dr Janet Berrington
Dr Nicholas Embleton
The Nasopharyngeal Microbiota: An Important Window of Opportunity2014
Professor Anne Borland
Leaf anatomical traits which accommodate the facultative engagement of crassulacean acid metabolism in tropical trees of the genus Clusia2014
Uzochukwu Ugochukwu Ugochukwu
Professor David Manning
Dr Claire Fialips
Microbial degradation of crude oil hydrocarbons on organoclay minerals2014