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Dr Caspar Hewett
Dr Paul Quinn
Dr Mark Wilkinson
The Decision Support Matrix (DSM) Approach to Reducing Environmental Risk in Farmed Landscapes2016
John Barrett
Dr Gerrit Hilgen
Dr Evelyne Sernagor
Rank Order Coding: a Retinal Information Decoding Strategy Revealed by Large-Scale Multielectrode Array Retinal Recordings2016
Professor Rachel Armstrong
Jamie Gibson
Dr Thomas Penfold
The Importance of Vibronic Coupling for Efficient Reverse Intersystem Crossing in TADF molecules2016
Denise Brett
Frances Warnell
Professor Helen McConachie
Dr Jeremy Parr
Factors Affecting Age at ASD Diagnosis in UK: No Evidence that Diagnosis Age has Decreased Between 2004 and 20142016
Dr Katrina Wood
Myeloproliferative neoplasm with eosinophilia and T-lymphoblastic lymphoma with ETV6-LYN gene fusion2016
Tristan Reuillon
Duncan Miller
Stephanie Myers
Dr Lauren Molyneux
Dr Celine Cano
et al.
Pyrrolcarboxamide Derivatives for the Inhibition of ERK52016
Professor Sir John Burn
Incidence of and survival after subsequent cancers in carriers of pathogenic MMR variants with previous cancer: a report from the prospective Lynch syndrome database2016
Dr Kheng-Lim Goh
A facile method for processing lignin reinforced chitosan biopolymer microfibres: optimising the fibre mechanical properties through lignin type and concentration2016
Professor John Isaacs
Previously reported PDE3A-SLCO1C1 genetic variant does not correlate with anti-TNF response in a large UK rheumatoid arthritis cohort.2016