"The Size of What I See" one - person exhibition of paintings and prints with accompanying poems by Alberto Caeiro

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  2. Michael Brick
Artist(s)Brick M
Publication type Exhibition
VenueBroadbent Gallery
LocationLondon, UK
Source Publication Date14-09-2006
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An exhibition of paintings and prints which aim to illustrate the poetry of Fernando Pessoa writing as Alberto Caeiro. Caeiro [one of the many inventions or heteronyms developed by Pessoa - each having separate personality and literary style]was a unique creation; a non-thinker, a believer in the redundancy of reasoning, and a proponent of the desire not to think, merely to look and see. The exhibition invites the viewer to approach the works using the Caeiro poems as a manual, or set of instructions as a key to any meaning that the work may hold.
Number of Pieces8 paintings and 12 prints
Media of OutputPaintings: oil on canvas, an edition of prints
NotesThe exhibtion is accompanied by a 36 page catalogue containing a number of the Caeiro poems and 22 colour illustrations of both the paintings and prints and an essay by Chris Yetton. "The Independent" [23.09.06] rated the exhibition as one of the 5 best shows in London, the others being Rodin [Royal Academy], Leonado [V&A]. Katharina Fritsch [White Cube] and Hans Bellmer[Whitechapel].
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