Learning to Learn in Schools Phase 3 Evaluation Year One Final Report

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  2. Dr Kate Wall
  3. Chris Falzon
  4. Dr Elaine Hall
  5. Professor David Leat
  6. Dr Vivienne Baumfield
  7. Dr Jill Clark
  8. Dr Gail Edwards
  9. Dr Hanneke Jones
  10. Dr Rachel Lofthouse
  11. David Moseley
  12. Jennifer Miller
  13. Lisa Murtagh
  14. Dr Fay Smith
  15. Dr Heather Smith
  16. Dr Pamela Woolner
Author(s)Higgins S, Wall K, Falzon C, Hall E, Leat D, Baumfield V, Clark J, Edwards G, Jones H, Lofthouse R, Moseley D, Miller J, Murtagh L, Smith F, Smith H, Woolner P
Publication type Report
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InstitutionCampaign for Learning
Place PublishedLondon
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