Remote Presence: Technologies for 'Beaming' Teachers Where They Cannot Go

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  2. Professor Sugata Mitra
Author(s)Mitra S
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence
ISSN (print)1798-0461
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Abstract--There are schools where good teachers do not want to go. The reasons for this are discussed in the context of both developing and developed economies. It is proposed that learning in such areas, particularly for children, needs the support of appropriate technology. The concept of “presence” of a mediator is discussed in the context of distance education. Some results from experiences in teaching at a distance over Skype are discussed along with some of the key technology related issues for such remote teaching. A design is presented for an experimental ROV (remotely operated vehicle) device for distance education and its possible implications discussed. The term “Instructional Robotics” is suggested.
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