Maintenance/repair and production oriented life-cycle cost/earning model for ship structural optimisation during conceptual design stage

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  2. Dr Aykut Olcer
Author(s)Turan O, Olcer AI, Lazakis I, Rigo P, Caprace JD
Publication type Article
JournalShips and Offshore Structures
ISSN (print)1744-5302
ISSN (electronic)1754-212X
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The aim of this paper is to investigate the effect of the change in structural weight due to optimisation experiments on life cycle cost and earning elements using the life cycle cost/earning model, which was developed for structure optimisation. The relation between structural variables and relevant cost/earning elements are explored and discussed in detail. The developed model is restricted to the relevant life cycle cost and earning elements, namely production cost, periodic maintenance cost, fuel oil cost, operational earning and dismantling earning. Therefore it is important to emphasise here that the cost/earning figure calculated through the developed methodology will not be a full life cycle cost/earning value for a subject vessel, but will be the relevant life cycle cost/earning value. As one of the main focuses of this paper is the maintenance/repair issue, the data was collected from a number of ship operators and was solely used for the purpose of regression analysis. An illustrative example for a chemical tanker is provided to show the applicability of the proposed approach.
PublisherTaylor & Francis Ltd.
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