The Influence of Accident Related Factors on Road Fatalities Considering Bali Province in Indonesia as a Case Study

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  2. Dewa Wedagama
  3. Dr Dilum Dissanayake
Author(s)Wedagama DMP, Dissanayake D
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
ISSN (electronic)1881-1124
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This study investigates the influence of accident related factors on road fatalities using logistic regression technique. Logistic Regression models were separately developed for fatal accidents considering motorcycles and all vehicles including motorcycles using Bali in Indonesia as a case study. Based on the State Police of Bali Province accident data, seven predictor variables were employed in the developed models. The study found that the odds of fatal accident due to male motorcyclists and motorists at fault were 0.3 and 0.4 respectively lower than for females. Thus, the probabilities of female motorcyclists and motorists were about 79% and 72% respectively contributing more on motorcycle and motor vehicle fatal accidents than males. In addition, age was also significant to influence all vehicle fatalities. Age was accounted for about 50% to influence all vehicles fatalities.
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