Stated Preference Discrete Choice Model to Investigate the Determinants of Public Willingness-to-Pay for Road Casualty Risk Reduction in Thailand

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  2. Dr Dilum Dissanayake
Author(s)Dissanayake D
Publication type Article
JournalAsian Transport Studies
ISSN (print)1881-1124
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The intention of the study is to reveal how the society appreciates road safety, and the factors that influence public willingness to pay for the reduction in risk of road safety. The Discrete Choice modeling technique is employed to model the willingness to pay data collected through Stated Preference Contingent Valuation experiment and to investigate the determinants of and the attitudes to willingness to pay for road safety. Accordingly eight models were developed for car and motorcycle casualties by taking into account four severity classes of slight, serious but no permanent disability, serious with permanent disability, and fatal. The analysis conducted shows that the level of education and the vehicle ownership have significant relationship with public willingness to pay. In addition, it is found that there exists a very strong correlation between the past casualty experiences and the willingness to pay.
PublisherEastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)
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