The Vanish Box: Disappearance of Women in Science; Reappearance in Technology Transfer [Final Report]

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  2. Professor Henry Etzkowitz
  3. Dr Marina Ranga
  4. Carole Conway
Author(s)Etzkowitz H, Ranga M, Conway CC, Dixon L, Ylojoki O-H, Vehvilainen M, Vuolanto P, Fuchs S, Kleinert C, Achatz J, Rossman S, Banciu D, Dumitrache N
Publication type Report
TypeFinal Report
Series TitleWIST (Women in Innovation, Science and Technology)
Legacy Date14 April 2011
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Place PublishedEuropean Union
NotesProgramme: FP6-SOCIETY Project reference: 36701 Project title: Women in Innovation, Scienc eand Technology
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