Willingness to Pay for a QALY: past, present and the future

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  2. Dr Helen Mason
  3. Dr Rachel Baker
  4. Professor Cam Donaldson
Author(s)Mason H, Baker RM, Donaldson C
Publication type Review
JournalExpert Reviews of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research
ISSN (print)1473-7167
ISSN (electronic)1744-8379
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This paper is focussed on establishing why a WTP per QALY value is needed and how such a value can be used in health care decision making. Studies which have estimated WTP per QALY values from stated preference data are reviewed and categorised into three groups. These studies are then compared within and between groups highlighting the limitations of existing studies and their suitability for use in policy making. The future of such work will be discussed noting key issues for consideration and debate. The review concludes with an expert commentary and a 5 year perspective on how this work will potentially develop.
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