Evidence that family 35 carbohydrate binding modules display conserved specificity but divergent function

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  2. Dr Claire Dumon
  3. Dr James Flint
  4. Dr Susan Firbank
  5. Professor Rick Lewis
  6. Professor Harry Gilbert
Author(s)Montanier C, van Bueren AL, Dumon C, Flint JE, Correia MA, Prates JA, Firbank SJ, Lewis RJ, Grondin GG, Ghinet MG, Gloster TM, Herve C, Knox JP, Talbot BG, Turkenburg JP, Kerovuo J, Brzezinski R, Fontes CMGA, Davies GJ, Boraston AB, Gilbert HJ
Publication type Article
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
ISSN (print)0027-8424
ISSN (electronic)1091-6490
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PublisherNational Academy of Sciences
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