A Tool for Assessing Fault Tolerance Mechanisms applied to Web Service

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  2. Dr Khaled Farj
  3. Dr Neil Speirs
Author(s)Farj K, Speirs NA
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name12th European Workshop on Dependable Computing
Conference LocationToulouse, France
Year of Conference2009
Source Publication Date14-15 May 2009
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Testing Fault Tolerance Mechanisms (FTM’s) are crucial issues for the development of today’s Web Service applications. In this work, we propose a methodology for assessing the efficacy of FTMs applied to Web services applications distributed over the Internet. We present a tool that uses application level fault injection techniques to inject communication faults by using a network Emulator Service. The emulator also generates additional workload on the tested system in order to produce more realistic results. As well as allowing the user to generate a fault model script, the tool provides, (by analyzing WSDL documents), the ability to inject selected faults into the exchanged SOAP messages. The tool can be used to test either a single Web Service or to test composed services without any modification to the system under test.