Engineering Cities: How can cities grow whilst reducing emissions and vulnerability?

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  2. Professor Jim Hall
  3. Professor Richard Dawson
  4. Dr Claire Walsh
  5. Dr Stuart Barr
  6. Dr Michael Batty
  7. Alistair Ford
  8. Vassilis Glenis
  9. Professor Chris Kilsby
  10. Lucy Manning
Author(s)Hall JW, Dawson RJ, Walsh CL, Barker T, Barr SL, Batty M, Bristow AL, Burton A, Carney S, Dagoumas A, Evans S, Ford AC, Glenis V, Goodess CG, Harpham C, Harwatt H, Kilsby CG, Kohler J, Jones P, Manning L, McCarthy M, Sanderson M, Tight MR, Timms PM, Zanni A
Publication type Report
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InstitutionThe Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
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