Bridging the Gap: transition from school and college to University

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  2. Dr Jill Clark
  3. Emeritus Professor Ann Briggs
  4. Ian Hall
Author(s)Clark J, Briggs A, Hall I
Publication type Report
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The project addressed the following criteria:• Increased knowledge of the secondary and higher education environment and better knowledge of what student expectations are (e.g. study into pre-entry expectations; opportunities for Newcastle lecturers to meet secondary school teachers and share knowledge)• Increased knowledge of both how school students learn and what they learn (curriculum). Transition issues, with the resultant satisfaction and retention of students, are a current focus across the University; this project is designed to promote wider understanding of these issues and to enable strategies to address them. It enables synthesis and dissemination of what is already known, and identification of areas of current and potential future good practice.
InstitutionResearch Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle University
Place PublishedNewcastle University
NotesThe research was funded through Newcastle University strategic funds. See also
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