Carbon removal mechanisms in subsurface flow wetlands

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  2. Dr Joana Baptista
  3. Professor Thomas Donnelly
  4. David Rayne
  5. Dr Russell Davenport
Author(s)Baptista JDC, Donnelly T, Rayne D, Davenport RJ
Publication type Article
JournalWater Intelligence Online
ISSN (electronic)1476-1777
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The microbial mechanisms of carbon removal in subsurface flow wetlands were studied, in one wetland with plants and one without plants. Particular emphasis was given to the influence of plants in the treatment process. Wetlands without plants performed greater carbon removal than those with plants, 63% and 51%, respectively (p<0.05). Molecular analysis of the bacterial diversity, growth rates and specific microbial activities showed that wetland with plants was different from the wetland without plants. Although SRB were found in both wetlands, methanogens were only found in the wetland without plants, where they accounted for 75% of the total carbon removed.
NotesPapers presented at the 3rd IWA UK Young Researchers conference, Nottingham University, UK, March 2002 ID: 200207038
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