An integrated dataset for in silico drug discovery

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  2. Dr Simon Cockell
  3. Jochen Weile
  4. Dr Phillip Lord
  5. Dmytro Andriychenko
  6. Dr Matthew Pocock
  7. Professor Darren Wilkinson
  8. Professor Anil Wipat
Author(s)Cockell SJ, Weile J, Lord P, Wipat C, Andriychenko D, Pocock M, Wilkinson D, Young M, Wipat A
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Integrative Bioinformatics
ISSN (electronic)1613-4516
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Drug development is expensive and prone to failure. It is potentially much less risky and expensive to reuse a drug developed for one condition for treating a second disease, than it is to develop an entirely new compound. Systematic approaches to drug repositioning are needed to increase throughput and find candidates more reliably. Here we address this need with an integrated systems biology dataset, developed using the Ondex data integration platform, for the in silico discovery of new drug repositioning candidates. We demonstrate that the information in this dataset allows known repositioning examples to be discovered. We also propose a means of automating the search for new treatment indications of existing compounds.
PublisherBielefeld University
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