Coral Mucus: The Properties of Its Constituent Mucins

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  2. Amita Jatkar
  3. Emeritus Professor Barbara Brown
  4. Professor John Bythell
  5. Dr Reia Guppy
  6. Dr Nick Morris
  7. Professor Jeffrey Pearson
Author(s)Jatkar AA, Brown BE, Bythell JC, Guppy R, Morris NJ, Pearson JP
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)1525-7797
ISSN (electronic)1526-4602
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The gel-forming properties of mucus are closely related to its functioning; although there is limited information available relating to coral mucus gels. The present study investigates coral mucus glycoprotein using rheological methods. We demonstrate the presence of a high-molecular-weight polymeric glycoprotein similar to that found in vertebrates, capable of forming a gel. The milked mucus exuded mostly from the oral cavity of corals is not a gel; however, it does show a tendency to form a gel upon concentration. Such results indicate the potential for corals to produce two different kinds of mucus, each potentially capable of performing different functions.
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
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