Forests and floods in Latin America: science, management, policy and the EPIC FORCE project

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  2. Dr James Bathurst
  3. Dr Jaime Amezaga
Author(s)Bathurst JC, Amezaga J, Cisneros F, Gavino Novillo M, Iroume A, Lenzi MA, Mintegui Aguirre J, Miranda M, Urciuolo A
Publication type Article
JournalWater International
ISSN (print)0250-8060
ISSN (electronic)1941-1707
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The EPIC FORCE project aimed to develop science-based policy recommendations for integrated forest and water resources management, relevant to extreme events for Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile and Argentina. Data analysis and model application support the hypothesis that, as the size of the flood peak increases, the effect of forest cover becomes less important. Guidelines for integrated water and forest resources management are developed which recognize this effect but emphasize the role that forests play in reducing the flood levels of more moderate events. The research findings are transferred to policy-making for the four focus countries via a set of policy briefs, taking into account the institutional frameworks, achievable policy objectives and key stakeholders.
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