Negotiating value and priorities: evaluating the demands of green infrastructure development

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  2. Maggie Roe
  3. Ian Mell
Author(s)Roe MH, Mell IC
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Environmental Planning & Management
ISSN (print)0964-0568
ISSN (electronic)1360-0559
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The potential of green infrastructure (GI) development has been recognised in a number of countries. In the UK, planning policy has identified GI and brought it into the legislative framework. It is assumed that it has a value for landscape enhancement for multifunctional aims: for increasing the adaptive capacity of the environment for climate change and long-term sustainability whilst protecting its ecological and social values. This paper uses an evaluative tool developed from a plan of action proposed in the early stages of GI thinking by applying it to a contemporary case study in England. This assessment reveals a mismatch between policy aims and the potential on the ground for creating GI. The study reveals ‘institutional schizophrenia’, a fragmented approach to the delivery of GI that affects stakeholder collaboration and confidence. The findings suggest a possible decrease in the level of GI creation because of restrictions placed upon local authorities and important repercussions for GI development and potential ecosystem services.
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