A cost-effective, simple and high-throughput method for DNA extraction from insects

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  2. Dr Malgorzata Lagisz
  3. Dr Gordon Port
  4. Dr Kirsten Wolff
Author(s)Lagisz M, Port G, Wolff K
Publication type Article
JournalInsect Science
ISSN (print)1672-9609
ISSN (electronic)1744-7917
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We present a high-throughput cost-effective method to extract DNA suitable for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) from insect tissue. The method uses standard 200 μL-deep 96-well plates in which samples are ground, digested and subsequently purified. The test extraction using four different insect species and controlling for potential contamination showed that the method yields good-quantity and quality DNA. PCR with mitochondrial and nuclear primers was reliable. The proposed extraction protocol combines the speed of commercial 96-well plate methods with the economies associated with readily available and cheap laboratory chemicals, consumables and equipment. Therefore, this method is particularly suitable for low-budget research projects and for laboratories with only basic equipment present.
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