Evolving facial composite systems

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  2. Professor Vicki Bruce
Author(s)Frowd C, Bruce V, Hancock PJB
Publication type Article
JournalForensic Update
ISSN (print)1356-502
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There are various systems available to construct faces of people who commit crime. The traditional method is for an eyewitness to select individual facial features from a kit of parts. There is good evidence, however, that this method does not produce a recognisable image when used the way that police typically do. While some progress has been made to improve the effectiveness of these techniques, a new system is required if composites are to be accessible to all. The new EvoFIT approach is described here, which is based on the repeated selection and breeding of complete faces. The system in its basic form did not work well, but a combined set of developments have enabled good quality composites to be produced.
PublisherBristish Psychological Society
NotesThis is a review for the newsletter of the Division of Forensic psychology
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