Parametric Rolling Behaviour of Azimuthing propulsion-driven Ships

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  2. Dr Seref Aksu
Author(s)Turan O, Ayaz Z, Aksu S, Kanar J, Bednarek A
Publication type Article
JournalOcean Engineering
ISSN (print)0029-8018
ISSN (electronic)1873-5258
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The study investigates the experimental and numerical analysis of the occurrence of autoparametric rolling for large, high-speed pod-driven ships in waves. Considering unique design and performance targets, the aim here is to exploit susceptibility to auto parametric rolling behaviour and to identify probable design and operational precautions. In order to achieve this aim, an existing non-linear time-domain software to simulate capsizing and other critical manoeuvring behaviours of slow to medium speed conventional and podded ships in waves is being enhanced for fast pod-driven vessels and then compared against the dedicated model test conducted in long-crested regular and random waves for a large, pod-driven containership model. This paper includes the presentation of current numerical modifications for pod driven ships and the verification analysis.
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